seriously go follow this blog for my Pokemon muses

And this blog for my trainer Homura blog

sorry for seeming to abandon this blog as of recent. My Pokemon muses have just been really quiet as of late. 

I’ll try to come back soon, but I’ll need another day or two.

Not sure if anybody’s still even interested in RPing with me since I’ve been gone so much…


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it is rather annoy

[It’s just reached the point where I’m sick and tired of seeing my notp everywhere.

I can tolerate reading something with that ship in the background or something but just seeing pictures I can’t help but think “NO STOP THIS ISN’T RIGHT STOP UGH I DON’T LIKE THIS”]


I just can’t pair them together 

at all


I made a more organized page for my muses. It includes the characters under this blog and my separate blogs. There’s a short description of each character under the picture which contains the link to the blog.

I figured this would be better than just listing the characters with a link to each blog. It’s better to have a little snippet to know what the character is like than not knowing.

I included my PMMM blogs too if anyone’s interested.

Updated my dropdown with my new PMMM muses. They’re all multi-fandom friendly!

If you haven’t watched the series, there will be spoilers, so follow at your own risk!

Each blog is its own universe. Click the picture to go to the blog.

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that’s pretty weird! Maybe they’re all busy or something, as odd as that sounds;;;

I guess so 

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what do you mean?

I follow 96 blogs on here and there’s like almost no activity around here for hours sometimes…


there’s like no activity around here anymore…